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Kansas City Window Tinting works all year long

The Kansas City sun can ruin wood floors in such a short time. The picture below is from one of our customers actual home that was only 2 years old.

Great article in Ambient’s Greener Living on how to maintain a variety of flooring types from wear and sun fading. Window film can help reduce the primary factors that lead to fading the UV by 99+%. Give us a call today to learn how you can help your beautiful floors stay that way 816-474-8468

Life has a way of wearing us down sometimes, and it can do the same thing to your floors. Whether it’s dings and scratches or faded spots from the sun, your floors need TLC to protect them from looking old before their time.

Here are some of the most common types of flooring on the market today and how you can help them look as fresh as the day they were installed.


Many homeowners love the look and feel of traditional hardwood in their home, but as beautiful as hardwood is, it is also a bit finicky and requires diligent maintenance.

As with other flooring like bamboo and cork, be mindful of denting and scratching your hardwood floors. Never slide heavy furniture across your floors and make sure to sweep and vacuum regularly to get rid of and grit and debris that could scratch the finish. Also, don’t mop wood floors with soaking wet mops as the water could seep into and in between the wood planks causing your floors to buckle.

Exposure to the natural sunlight has the ability to cause your floors to fade. Having said this, the extent of damage depends on the type of wood your floors are made of. Woods like cherry and oak tend to get darker with aging because they are burned by the UV light. Other woods, however, will lighten after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

To prevent burning or fading from the sun, you can apply a water-based urethane finish to your floors that will minimize some of the sun damage that’s caused by oil-based finishes. You should also be sure to have curtains and/or blinds on your windows to help keep sunlight out. There are even window films you can purchase that will allow light through but block UV rays, much like a good pair of sunglasses.

Sun Damage around Carpet
Faded Floors

Solar Pro Window Tinting Kansas City can give you a free estimate. Call 816-474-8468 to see how you can lower utility costs and costly damage to the interior of your home.


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